80s Shopping Bags

Rejecting disposable plastic bags never looked so chic. It began with the canvas tote, next the string bag, woven baskets, Balenciaga Bazar bags, and now the plastic basket. Fashion is obsessed with the 80s reusable bag. Why?

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The Significance of Paris Fashion Week Trends

Originally published by Novella Magazine

Across the board of the Paris Fashion Week runway shows, there was a shifting tone away from the cool irony of Vetements (let’s say, for example) and toward the real, genuineness of the individual. Specifically, the woman.  There was a sense that the fashion world is getting dressed again, and focusing on the art of it and power of that art. As such, the fact that the 80s is the major theme across all fashion weeks is no surprise. For 80s fashion embodies so many values–strength, feminism, power– that need to be nourished today–see the American election. Take for example the power suit, and with that the strong silhouette of empowered women. The jacket, with strong shoulders and impeccable tailoring is at the forefront of the trends. But at the same time, this same woman who wears the jacket can go out for a night of dancing in bright pink or a silvery mismatched dress and maintain her empowerment. She can roll up her sleeves and fix her broken sink, she can run a powerful business empire or even a country.

This woman, seen at Paris Fashion Week, can do it all and she does it proudly as herself, pretending to be nothing but that: herself. All of this was reflected in the trends and in the shifting politics of the fashion industry: Maria Grazia Chiuri took the seat at Creative Director at Christian Dior after a history of male successors, and Gigi Hadid (who recently showed a brilliant example of self defence in Milan) opened the most shows, evoking the powerful 80s supermodels. Phoebe Philo at Céline used the sountrack of everyday life, children’s voices and city traffic, to celebrate the everyday woman. This atmosphere among the shows at PFW meant that the trends at Paris Fashion Week, were all about strength, decisiveness and emblazoned sensuality.

The Jacket

Céline SS17 | Indigital


Isabel Marant SS17 | Indigital



Playful Prints

Lemaire SS17 | Indigital

High-Waist Trouser

Jacquemus SS17 | Indigital

“La Personne”

Christian Dior SS17 | Indigital
Saint Laurent SS17 | Indigital

Feature Image: Céline, Indigital