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Come on in! Can I take your coat? Thank you for the wine! Malbec, my favourite, how’d you know? Come. Here, you can sit on my elegant loveseat, I’ll take the chaise.

Now that you are settled, I wanted to thank you for joining me in my little home on the World Wide Web. I’ve taken up residence here to show and tell you a bit about me. I am a Toronto born, now London-based, freelance fashion journalist and the current Fashion Editor of Novella Magazine, as well the Online Content Coordinator for discount magazine and co-founder of Sequin Cinema.

I studied English Literature and History at Queen’s University and the University of Edinburgh and have pursued further study of fashion journalism and fashion history through the University of the Arts London, College of Fashion and The Business of Fashion: Education respectively. My specific interests within the fashion industry lie in sustainable fashion and fashion history. As a freelance writer and editor, I have contributed to a number of titles including Novella Magazine, Into the Fold, Stylekick, Peoples Product and Muse Magazine. 

I love to collaborate, so if you think that we would make a good fit together, please let me know on my contact page.

Enjoy your stay, and please feel at home.

xxxx I.


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