Interview: Atelier Mimii


Originally published by Novella Magazine

Paris-based fashion brand Atelier Mimii prides itself on its luxuriously handmade garments. Each unique piece “represents a presence” of its own with “an explosion of colour and movement.” The brand’s designer is of little words, choosing instead that the clothes speak for themselves through the embroidery, manipulation of fabric and bold designs. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Mimii as she introduces her latest collection, Pluralism. 

Isabel Mundigo-Moore: You say that you have ‘something’ to say about the current state of the fashion industry. What is that ‘something’?

Atelier Mimii: We want to give value to the clothes we envision, as for us, it is a second skin that we wish will live an eternity.

IMM: Why is it important that to you that people understand the ‘handmade’ aspect of your clothing?

AM: Mimii’s philosophy is focused on handmade pieces of clothing, on its uniqueness and differentiation.


IMM: Where did the inspiration for your latest collection, Pluralism, come from and what is the significance of it being called so?

AM: As said by the dictionary Pluralism is defined as: ‘a condition or system in which two or more states, groups, principles, sources of authority, etc., coexist.’ The collection embodies a coexistence of references that have been worked on to convert thus ideas onto a second skin.  

IMM: How do you source your fabrics? 

AM: From all around the world.

IMM: Can you describe the design process for Pluralism?

AM: It all began with a square, a triangle and a circle.


IMM:You seem to play with every aspect of clothing– colour, fabric, shape, textures–yet, still find a unique aesthetic. How do you balance them all?

AM: At Mimii everything goes.

IMM: How does Paris as a city interact with your clothing?

AM: Living in an open-minded city, the interaction occurs naturally.

IMM:Where do you seek inspiration and how do you organize it?

AM: It comes from painters.

IMM: Who wears Mimii? Who is the Mimii “woman”?

AM: A woman who wants to wear her mind on her skin.

IMM: What is style to you?

AM: A mind on the skin.

IMM: What are your favourite places in Paris?

AM: Museums, galleries, coffee bars and in any park where my dogs can run.

IMM: What is your daily routine?

AM: To work, work, work, and work.

IMM: As a brand, what are your future goals for Mimii?

AM: For people to become aware of the brand and feel special when wearing Mimii.

IMM: As an artist, what are your future goals for Mimii?

AM: As an artist, I have never thought of a future goal. I simply work and express a colourful point of view through Mimii.

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