Boneset Studio

Photo: Boneset Studio

Originally Published for Novella Magazine

In a world of globalized fast fashion,  Boneset Studio provides a refreshing reminder of the lost art of getting dressed. The Toronto-based bespoke design collective works one-on-one with their clients to create perfect, handcrafted garments. Be it the impossible dream piece, or an entirely new capsule wardrobe, the team at Boneset works intimately with their clients to find out exactly what they need in their closet.

Photo Courtest of Shelby Fenlon | Model: Grace Jackson

Creative Director, Stefanie Ayoub, founded the company with her fashion school friends, Kelli Kikcio, and Kendra Pegg, just over a year ago. After working in the fashion industry for a while, the three friends found that they weren’t using their skills enough, or fulfilling their creativity in their work. “In Toronto, so much of the industry is production based and very technical. We started having these weekly get-togethers where we would have big dinners, and we would have to do creative projects,”Ayoub tells me over coffee at The Common. From these weekly dinners came Boneset Studio. “We were hungry to have something collaborative in a creative environment. We didn’t want to have any constraints on having a fashion line or having to only housewares…We wanted to be flexible.”

After their initial success, Boneset Studio began to grow and evolve. “We’ve been seeing what people respond to more and the most enjoyable things that we like to do. We are focusing more now on custom projects for private clients,” Ayoub says. The process of working with the Boneset team is entirely collaborative. Each client begins by sitting down with the team over coffee to discuss ideas and building from there to research, fabrics swatches, sketches, and designs until their dream piece is perfected.

Photo Courtesy of Shelby Fenlon | Model: Grace Jackson

At the core of Boneset is their elegant aesthetic. “Our base aesthetic is very minimal, focused on clean lines, and using natural fabrics or exquisite fabrics in an ideal method for that garment. We also aim to design clothes that don’t overshadow the person that’s wearing it— not over-designed. It has to be an essential garment,”Ayoub explains.

The best part of Boneset, on top of the collaborative core values, is that the team is entirely female based. Ayoub tells me that she hopes that Boneset might expand its studio space into a gallery, with female guest curators. Anything is possible when you define your company on flexible, creative terms.

Boneset Studio marks the beginning of a new era in fashion. An era that recalls an earlier time when buying five items a year and genuinely caring and loving them was the norm. While these values align with socially and environmentally conscious ones, they also breathe beauty and craftsmanship back into the fashion industry. The Boneset Studio team, young and small, is a mighty one that has the patience, skill, and creativity to see that this is what fashion is.

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