A Roomier Pant

,Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.20.03 PMJune 14, 2016

My latest style crush is a roomy pant. You may be familiar with them as a wide leg culotte or a high-waist khaki. Whatever their shape, I love them. For the longest time the only pants I wore were my black skinny jeans, which I still treasure above all but have lately let slide down in the drawer hierarchy. Because there is something so incredibly timeless about leaving some room in your pants! Let the tight fit be for a bit. Let your legs breathe. Give ’em space!

Photo via Tumblr
Photo via Tumblr
Photo via Tumblr
Photo via Tumblr
Photo via Tumblr

Better yet, pair a pair of roomy pants with a roomy shirt. I’ve never felt so elegant. Sure my boyfriend (lightly) teases me, saying I’m “hiding my figure” to which I say “GAH!” and exit the room confidently.

Feature image via @oroma.elewa

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