Why I Quit Snapchat


First, I must acknowledged the silliness of the title’s gravitas, but this is a real cultural phenomenon and I must address it!

Secondly, I’d like to acknowledge how grateful I am to the app during my year abroad. It connected me with the faces of loved ones around the world for little 3 second moments I would have otherwise missed. Whether they were in other European cities, or back at my home university, I really did love the app for that reason.

So why did I quit? I still have friends scattered across the country–British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec– so why don’t I still appreciate Snapchat for the reason above?

tumblr_nysqceMQwR1qzx1tro1_500Because honestly, it was one more thing to keep me glued to my phone. Because I wouldn’t just look at the lovely photos from my friends, but I would also start checking the “stories” of extended acquaintances on their trips in Thailand, or obsessively check the “stories” of the celebrities that started to get the app.

Simply, it became too much.

Using my phone for work so often, I find I am less interested in it for personal use. The thought of turning it off and leaving it hidden in a shoe box for a week is often appealing, but because of work it is more often by my side.* (Which is why I bought a sweater on eBay while standing in line at a fashion show last week. Too easy!) (And I have long distance love, so texting is key.)

Another reason for my deleting it is, honestly, it was adding to my vain habits and that really sucked.Having three mirrors in my bedroom does that already, no need to be looking at my phone in selfie function. Enough said there.

And finally, after many months without the app, I attended Toronto Fashion Week last week and had the pleasure to sit in the first row for a number of shows (#FROW!!!). Without exaggerating, I was ECSTATIC. My first fashion week reporting as a journalist, and I sat front row!!!!!!!! Notebook in hand, I was thrilled for the show and when it started, everyone’s phones went up. Sure, sure, of course, they’re taking pictures. No. Everyone was on SNAPCHAT. Barely watching the show, only recording things for the instantaneous pleasure. I did not like that at all. It gave me the creeps. The beauty of watching a show in person is that you see things you won’t see on video. And every show is recorded and released the next day so don’t tell me it’s democratizing because that’s covered–with better quality– by the people who run the thing.tumblr_m29zmheEc81qbgyx2o1_500Do you know what the worst bit is? Snapchat won’t let me delete my account so I’ve had a number of friends think I was IGNORING their digital creations, while really I just hadn’t bothered to text ever single contact to inform them of my app departure.

So anyway, now I phone my friends around the world. I try to text as best I can, but honestly I am pretty crap at that too. And Skype. Oh dear.

What do you think? Am I crazy?

* I also still love Instagram–excuse me if I am the last one. Was recently informed it it no longer cool. So, what’s next?

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