Fashion & Film: Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict


There are so many wonderful art and fashion documentaries available in the last few years, it is not surprising that there’s another one out now. Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict follows the life and story of Peggy Guggenheim, one of the greatest art collectors of the 20th century who is credited for discovering Jackson Pollock.

“It’s all about art and love.” — Peggy Guggenheim

Directed by Lisa Immordino Vreeland, who also directed Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel (another fabulous watch), the film explores the tragic and wonderful life of another colorful woman. Ms Guggenheim managed to collect billions of dollars of rare art pieces during her lifetime and was a major contributor to the modern art movement in Europe and New York.

In addition to art, she collected artists–both personally and professionally. Her close circle of friends included Samuel Beckett, Max Ernst, Jackson Pollock, Alexander Calder, and Marcel Duchamp.

I didn’t know too much about Ms. Guggenheim before watching the documentary and now I am so grateful to know her. She’s incredibly inspiring as such a free, creative soul who passionately loved art above all else. Oh, and her accessorizing abilities were through the roof.


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