The Best Quotes from Fran Lebowitz’s Interview with Elle Magazine


The woman is a legend of style as much as she is legendary for her writing. With her style perfected for years and years, she shared some of her sartorial wisdom with Elle Magazine and, of course, it was amazing.

Here are some of her best quotes:

“I feel very strongly that almost the entire city has copied my glasses.”

“People care more about trends now than they do about style. They get so wrapped up in what’s happening that they forget how to dress, and they never learn who they are because they never learn how to take care of anything.”

“If it comes from the ’60s I never wore it.”

“What’s the point of being young if you’re not going to make new things, I wonder? It’s their job to innovate. That’s the entire point.”

“Not everyone in New York looks great, but you have a higher chance.”

“Of course, more people should wear overcoats than those damned down jackets. Please. Are you skiing, or are you walking across the street? If you’re not an arctic explorer, dress like a human being.”

“I was a great dancer. Not as great as Michael Jackson, but good.”

“Can you imagine if women tried as hard as drag queens? We’d be a much more attractive culture. I wouldn’t have to give out so many yoga pants citations.”

“I don’t feel that inside of Hillary Clinton there’s a Jane Birkin waiting to get out.”

You must respect her honesty. In her own words, Fran is always right because she is never fair.

Image: Elle Magazine

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