Simplicity in the Details

Cities, as beautiful and wonderful as they are, can be terribly overstimulating. Even as a born urban-dweller, I have moments where living in the city annoys me so much that I become overcome with grumpiness. The combination of constant constuction, screaming crowds on the sidewalk outside, and the humidity cause the lousy attitude that resulted in this article.

The solution to this problem, however, led to quite a cool aesthetic habit.

To reduce stimulants, I have muted my room of most colour–the walls and furniture are all white– and now I remove all labels on cosmetics and beauty products. The effect is quite nice, not unlike the aesthetic in Spike Jonze’s Her. 

Some beauty products, like perfume bottles are pieces of art and I enjoy their labels and packaging (heck, most of the time that is the sole reason for my purchasing them). Others, like deodorant, body butters and shower wash are generic.

Has being driven up the wall led you to discover a new aesthetic?

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