Capturing… Riley Zuckerman

What are three words that you would use to describe yourself?

Patient, shy, organized.

What’s your favourite smell?

Apple pie.

What do you consider is your greatest achievement?

I’m still working on it.

What are you most proud of?

How my mom deals with things in her life.

What’s your favourite place?

Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Who do you admire?

My mom.

What quality or ability do you wish you had?

I wish I knew how to ride a bike.

Who inspires you?

My friends.

How would you describe how you choose what you wear?

I usually wear plain things, simple clothes.

What is your favourite item of clothing?

The jeans I’m wearing. Blue jeans.

Who inspires your style?

People on Tumblr, Alexa Chung, London Street Style.

What are you favourite names?

Ella, Will, and Clancy.

If you could have dinner with a historic figure, who would you choose?

Grace Kelly.

Where do you go when you need peace?

I walk my dog around my neighbourhood.

Where do you go when you need inspiration?

I go one Tumblr, or walk along Queen Street (in Toronto).

Where in the world would you like to go next?


What’s a favourite moment from your childhood?

Going to my middle school, Arlington.

What a favourite moment from the past week?

Planning my sister’s birthday party. We’ve hired an ice cream truck. My mom has connections.

What’s a dream of yours?

Work at a magazine.

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