Walk the Town

Having only recently been hired (!), I have had a lot of down time. I am prone to getting grumpy when overly idle, so I have figured out that, in order to reach my ultimate happiness, I must leave the house before 10AM. This habit has led to an awful lot of exploring. Sometimes I have a route mapped out, sometimes I follow my gut instinct– which usually leads to dead ends and backtracking but heck, that’s part of the adventure.


One place I end up at over and over is the lovely FIKA café in Kensington Market. To reach the café, one must walk through the market, which gives me a healthy dose of vibrancy and charm that only Kensington can provide. Strolling through reminds me of summer days of childhood with my dad, who loves Kensington as a second home. Once I reach FIKA, a sense of calm comes over me. The Swedish-inspired café is full of light and has a peaceful hum. I usually order their mint iced-coffee or their kale and pear salad.


I’ve also “stumbled” into a number of lovely vintage shops, including House of Vintage and Citizen Vintage on Queen St. W. My most shocking experience though, was Caravan Found Objects, just down the street from my house. My friend Haley and I had just finished a delicious breakfast and were walking off our waffles when we both commented on how we meant to go into the store a number of times but never got around to it (I have so many places like this, I am usually intimidated by their cool). Caravan was awesome. It had a brilliant selection of clothes (organized by colour), old books, furs, hats, quilts, tins, jewellery, children’s toys… it was like walking into a lost treasure box. H and I felt as though we went to Narnia when we made our way to the basement. Bonus! Basically everything was on sale.

I love finding magical places– be it a magical street, a secret park, a shop, or a cafe. Now that I’m part of the working grind, I will re-read this post so that I never stop seeking them out.

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