Make A Note of It

Do you ever enter a store, become swept up in trending clothes and exciting colours, and end up leaving with a piece of clothing that contrasts with your personality so much that you wear the piece of clothing once and then question your sanity at the point of purchase? Me too.

This used to happen to me a lot. It happened the most when I started university; I had made a number of new friends, I was in a new place, and I felt like I had to adopt a new personality. Silly, really. But the number of colourful “going out tops” I accumulated was sickening. Each top would satisfy an evening of me feeling sexy and attractive and then I would look at it in my closet later on and not recognize my personality in the garment. These clothes weren’t how I really felt. They were not an expression of myself.

Every time I had bought one of these tops, I had been under the influence of the store’s marketing tactics, my friends, or my environment. I had lost sight of how I wanted to present myself.

That is why I began to write down my essential style tips in my tiny Moleskine (aka my lifeline) that I keep in my purse . I keep notes of people whose style I admire, colours I wear the most (or lack of colours really), and styles that fit my figure (busty, no bum).

That way, when I walk into a shop, I remember who I am and how I like to dress. I avoid the temptations of fads and marketing schemes. Sure, if a certain piece is fabulous and perfect for an event I’ll think about it, but knowing that I’ll end up wearing black jeans and a white t-shirt will steer me away from blue crop tops and white culottes.

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