Think Green, (Grace) Kelly Green

What is the most fabulous solution to greasy hair, no time, and an urge to slow down your beauty product consumption?


Nothing is more glamorous than a head scarf. Formally used by Jackie O, Grace, and many other classic icons, this look has been reduced to strictly beach attire. I say it is time it saw the light again.


My hair is quite blonde and requires a daily shampooing or else it goes a shade darker because of the grease. Gross, I know. I will wash it daily because dry shampoo/ baby powder doesn’t do the job for me. But one sunny day I really couldn’t be bothered to wash it, so I popped on a scarf. I don’t have any neat silk scarves (vintage mission bells anyone?) so I was wearing a large linen one. Though a touch too large, I felt kind of cool, which is not a common feeling.

Jackie O, non? (not quite)

I promised myself then and there that I would go on a hunt for a few vintage silk scarves. I can wear them as a way to save shampoo and the earth as well as reimplement old Hollywood glamour (must add sunglasses for full effect).

What do you think? Silly? Or fabulous?

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