The Men’s Vintage “Sweatsuit”

I’ve never been into sweatpants that much even as someone who went through high school playing volleyball and just went through four years at a university known for wearing them. I inherited my paternal lack-of-bum gene, so I thought I wasn’t doing myself any favours by getting my bottom lost in even more fabric.

Additionally, any time I would be tempted to wear sweats, I could not help hearing the words of Karl Lagerfeld in my head, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” I shiver.

As a way to circumvent the rule of no sweatpants, I have looked the men’s section of vintage stores for alternatives. There is nothing softer than a pair of well worn men’s Levi’s. I bought mine in Scotland for £5 and I like to think that a lovely lad wore them for many years.  They hug in the right places and are loose everywhere else.  To match? A worn in men’s white button-down. This look makes me hark back to Carolyn Bessette at an east coast beach, wearing John’s clothes.

I declare this combination the new sweatsuit. Soft, chic, classic, comfortable, and (most importantly) abide by Karl’s rule.

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