Subway Style: The Layering Queen

People watching is a habit of mine and there is no better place to do so than a decently full subway car. Okay, maybe a café terrace in Paris is better, but I’m talking local. There are all sorts of people taking the subway in Toronto at any given hour of the day wearing just about anything.

Today I was on the way to visit my dad when I spotted her. The Layering Queen (TLQ). She’s an elderly woman with a fabulous white bob wearing an outfit I know Leandra Medline would envy.

I first noticed TLQ because of her pants. Not for sartorial reasons, but because I was cold and wanted to be wearing pants instead of the denim shorts I stubbornly wore despite the obviously rainy day. After my brief moment of jealousy cleared, I realized her outfit was perfect.

TLQ wore black, oversized (possibly men’s) trousers with white sneakers. But really, the greatness came from her layers up top. She wore a pink turtleneck underneath a darker, button-up pink cardigan. On top of this combination she wore—wait, this is it—an oversized pink and white stripe button-down shirt with a popped collar. It was fantastic.

I tried to recreate the look at home using my monochrome wardrobe and failed. The beauty of her look came from the various shades of pinks (my favourite colour, but I hardly ever wear it).

Thank-you, TLQ, for brightening up a rainy day with your truly gifted layering and making me think twice about excluding pink from my wardrobe.

Image Source: Man Repeller

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