May Day Challlenge


Happy May! I love May. One reason being is that it is one of my favourite months to write in cursive. Do you get satisfaction from writing certain letters in cursive (or print for that matter) as I do? My favourites include r, m, y, q, n, b, and t. One of my favourite words to write in cursive is “quarrel”. Very satisfying.

But this post is not about my odd calligraphy highs, it’s about my “May Day Challenge.” As someone who is only recently committing seriously to a sustainable fashion lifestyle, I thought I would start with a month-long challenge, like someone who is getting into yoga or healthy eating might do as an introduction to the new lifestyle. As John Oliver pointed out in his recent video, Americans buy 64 new items of clothes on average per year. My old mentality subscribed to that. No longer!

My challenge has two simple rules.

1) Do not buy any new clothes during month of May.

2) Try to avoid shopping altogether, but if I must go shopping it will be vintage or second-hand clothes only.

As a self-titled “fashion blogger,” you, dear reader, may think this an contradictory challenge. Is shopping not a central aspect to someone who identifies with fashion lovers? I thought so too. But, I am changing my mind (article on this subject to come very soon).

By challenge, I don’t necessarily mean the negative definition, such as “a call to take part in a contest or competition, especially a duel.” I don’t intend to duel with my limitations. I mean challenge as in  “a task or situation that tests someone’s abilities.” This “challenge” is aimed to test my fashionable creativity, while also learning about saving money, appreciating the clothes I own, and changing my mind about instant, cheap sartorial gratification.

Let’s see how I do, shall we?

If you care to join, please do and leave your comments!

P.S. Note the white & denim!

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