Summer Style: White & Denim

452da3c86e54fd7c1b943142d04fd333My friend, B, has stuck to exclusively wearing white and denim all summer long for years and I have finally grasped the beauty of this trick. Having been through my series of trend-following summers, I have had enough with them and have decided to simplify my style this year. Maybe I am maturing. But I do think that, with the occasional pop of red lipstick or red toes, this look is so versatile, simple, and timeless.

The queen of this look, of course, is Jane Birkin. Every modern “it girl” (hm… Alexa Chung) has cited Jane as their style icon and her mastery of the white and denim summer look is just one reason why.

Jane’s modern day equivalent would be model Jeanne Damas. She captures Birkin’s carefree essence in a truly Parisian spirit. She also has inspired me to hunt down a pair of black, tie-up espadrille wedges, but I have come up empty. (So please, feel free to comment if you know where I can find some. And please don’t say France or Spain. I already want to go there enough as it is.)—Update: found a fabulous pair on my way to buy scones in the window of a shop in town. These handmade espadrilles are from a company called Toni Pons, established in 1943 in Spain. Lesson learned today: always follow your craving for scones amid exam studying.

Photo22_22 F1010035 

So this summer (and hopefully every summer to come), I will draw on the inspiration from Birkin, Damas, and B: simply wear white and denim all summer. Be it a linen white dress, vintage jean shorts and a white shirt, or just a white tee and jeans, the simplicity of white and denim can do no wrong. Matched with my golden tan and and lightened hair, of course!

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