Style Success Story: The All-Black Uniform for Tense Times

1083694_origI am quite literally in the final days (8, only 8!) of my undergrad and have sartorially let myself go, as we students tend to do. I have five exams in ten days and have really lost my motivation to do much of anything after a brutal essay season. No, I have not worn sweatpants in public. I have stopped washing my hair and have lost all energy to care if the old man beside me at the café can see my large stress pimples. (Sidenote: I have learned to appreciate my make-up free face and have stopped wearing foundation, which is nice.)

At any rate, my confession is that I have been wearing my same black pants (Rag & Bone skinny jeans, my favourite. They are so soft, I swear they are not denim jeans but they are) and black top for a number of days. This is not new. I tend to wear black a lot; however, I will usually wear different black items of clothing. But something about the consistency of this outfit has been so comforting during my period of stress that I just tend to throw it on every day. No one notices I don’t change, that’s the beauty of black pieces.

So I was more than taken aback (sorry for adding a bit of dramatic flare) when, as I sat down to read through the entirety of Keats’s poetry collection, I was asked to have my photo taken for a fashion blog. This has been secret goal of mine, I love street style. “But not today!” I thought. Apparently, my all-black uniform looked chic. Not only was my uniform a daily hug of comfort, it was loved by fashionable bloggers. The lady was entirely lovely and the compliment went a long way to boost my sad, exam-ridden self. Thank-you, kind stranger.

So I throw on my coat and we go outside to shoot some pics. If you look at my face, you’ll note my lack of sleep.

Moral of the story is: finding your classic basics that you feel comfortable and slightly styling in can pull you through even the toughest of times. A good coat, sunglasses, and an all-black uniform is my combo. What’s yours?

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