PDA & Bum Pockets

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

From handholding to making out, we’ve all experienced some form (Actually, who am I kidding? I should say many forms, we’ve all experienced being a teenager post-sexual revolution) of public displays of affection in our lifetimes. Whether you are one part of a pair smooching on the subway, or you’re the type to keep the groping for the bedroom, we all have an opinon about the topic. Mine? Well, good you should ask.

I will tell you right away that I love bums. I still giggle when I catch a glimpse of one when watching a film and I could probably list you my favourites bums in Hollywood off the top of my head . I am known among my friends as a tush-lover and will often receive pictures of bums from my friends when they know I am feeling blue. It is not a sexual fascination, just a simple love.

So, not surprisingly, my favourite version of PDA is the bum in pocket trick, as captured so perfectly in the opening credits of Sixteen Candles—John Hughes was truly the king of detail. Aside from the various shots of quotidian high school life—the 80s sneakers, the subtle locker battle, school buses, and hallways—the brief shot of the bum pocket trick has stuck with me since my first viewing of the film (on my 16th birthday, of course!).

I loooove tucking my hand in a loved one’s bum pocket, be it a boy I’m kissing or a close friend. It’s so warm and lovely and not even that noticeable from the front.

What’s your favourite way of expressing love in public?

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